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Eastsun Power Jiangsu Co.,Ltd Is a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters in China. As a manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters, dongxin power focuses on small and medium power series inverters. With solid technical reserves and strong production capacity, we provide customers with high quality photovoltaic products, with high conversion efficiency solar photovoltaic (pv) system users better more help resources, expand the distributed generation system capacity, thus the improvement of steady income for the customer. In addition, the company is particularly committed to the development of small and medium - sized distributed generation systems. As of now, solar products, solutions and technical services have been provided for the ground power stations, commercial and civil customers in many areas at home and abroad.

Photovoltaic inverter

Eastsun Power  is a professional photovoltaic inverter manufacturer. A set of efficient and reliable product line of grid-connected inverter is established around the cluster inverter. The company now includes the micro inverter series, single phase single series, single-phase two-circuit series, three-phase series four kinds of products series. The WeChat inverter includes 300W to 1200W. Single-phase single road series includes 1KW to 3KW. The single-phase two-road series includes 3KW to 5KW. The three-phase series includes 10KW to 50KW. These photovoltaic inverters are suitable for small and medium-sized residential, commercial and industrial photovoltaic integration systems, especially for distributed rooftop projects.

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