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DXM series inverter
Product introduction£º

Model: DXM - 300 / / DXM DXM - 600-600

Suitable for residential projects.

The DXM series WeChat inverter is designed with IP65 class waterproof streamline to effectively prevent surface rain corrosion. Built-in high-performance MPPT tracking technology to ensure more power output. WeChat inverters can generate more power from components and are easier to install, monitor and maintain, especially for distributed architectures that are reliably integrated to make the components more flexible.


¡ó High performance MPPT tracking technology.

¡ó Reverse power transmission.

¡ó Intelligent monitoring and management.

¡ó The input and output are completely isolated, and the safety protection is better.

¡ó Digital control system.

¡ó Minimize maintenance and maintenance rate.

¡ó Operating maintenance costs are lower.

¡ó Flexible installation

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