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T series inverter
Product introduction£º

Model: 10 k - TL / 15 k - TL / 20 k - TL / 30 k - TL / 40 k - HV - TL

Suitable for small and medium sized photovoltaic projects.

T series three-phase inverter is suitable for all kinds of three-phase electric input pv projects, maximum power of 98.4%, with accurate MPPT tracking technology, is a small and medium-sized residential, industrial and commercial ideal models of distributed photovoltaic project.


High performance performance

The maximum efficiency was 98.4%.

Two-channel/four-way MPPT design, precise MPPT algorithm 200v-800v input voltage range.

High reliability

IP65 protection level, the use of the environment to maintain the visual beauty of numerous protection functions.

5 years standard warranty, 10 years optional upgrade.

Convenient and easy to use

Compact and lightweight design RS485, Wifi/GRPS (optional)


Wifi and monitor program.

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