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S series inverter
Product introduction£º

Model: 1000 tl / 1500 tl / 2000 tl / 2500 tl / 3000 tl

Suitable for residential projects.

The design concept of dongshun power S series inverter is to build high quality and high reliability inverter products based on affordable price. In order to achieve this goal, 90% of the raw materials are purchased from world famous brands such as Fujitsu, Infineon and Nippon chemi-con, which guarantees our product quality and high quality technical requirements.


High conversion efficiency

Dynamic MPPT

The maximum power is 97.5%.

Wider range of MPPT voltage.

High security

High voltage test before delivery, isolated island, short circuit, overload, undervoltage automatic protection.

Low failure rate

New extension structure.

Extreme environmental testing



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