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Correct understanding of pv financial leverage, suitable for own is the best!

Addtime£º2018-1-10 15:11:01

Family pv seems to have been subject to the policy subsidy and the cost of the construction site, the early subsidy is large but the cost is large, resulting in the family pv has not been able to break out. And since 2016, the two seemed to find the most appropriate contact point, so the family photovoltaic tuyere opened instantly, and some early as in 2015 began to do household photovoltaic stood on the tuyere, become outstanding fly.

As recently cut subsidies (0.42 yuan/degree lowered to 0.37 yuan/degree), household photovoltaic market said goodbye to the past rob tide, more is triggered the photovoltaic industry to think in the market for the future. However, financial resources are considered to be the key factor in determining the proportion of pv market share in the future at least two years. Therefore, many photovoltaic enterprises begin to lay out the financial leverage strategy for next year.

View photovoltaic financial leverage from multiple perspectives.

First, enterprise mentality. Chen thinks, the enterprise of photovoltaic (pv) must have the right mindset, loan if the pv loans as a primary marketing, will be conducive to the healthy development of the enterprise, and if the photovoltaic loans as a supplement, can solve the problem of short-term cash flow part of the customer tools, the photovoltaic loans do play a positive promoting role of the market. Therefore, enterprises should control the proportion of pv loans reasonably, and avoid some uncertain factors such as bank lending limitation and year-end capital tightening.

Second, expected management. Do good customer guidance and expectation management, so that customers can truly understand that "0 down payment" is not "no money", and can not exaggerate the effect of pv loan and product revenue for market expansion. Can be achieved by reasonable loan scheme, such as a 30% down payment loans 70%, let the customer choose the appropriate method of payment, so that more conducive to customer interests, cognitive power station and have a valid when payment management.

Third, risk control. User whether loans after timely reimbursement largely determines the bank of enterprise and the credibility of the industry, so the customer payment not only is the business of bank, photovoltaic enterprises should also remind the customer in time, as far as possible to reduce risk. The technology of sunny days is to remind customers to make repayment on the first payment date, and to improve the customer experience while guaranteeing the trust of the bank.

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