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To interpret the importance of photovoltaic inverter from photovoltaic power station event.

Addtime£º2018-1-10 15:16:22

Some people blame the natural disaster, some people say man-made, the natural disaster has nothing to say, the human cause has caused the whole photovoltaic industry to pay attention and reflect. The design of the power station is inadequate or rough construction. Once the bad weather occurs, this safety hazard will be completely exposed, and the investment in the anti-poverty benefit products will be wasted.

For the above it, the well-known domestic pv inverter manufacturer guerrero watt remind you first need to find reasons from the photovoltaic power station design installation, strictly the photovoltaic modules, scaffolds and photovoltaic inverter and so on product quality, put an end to cut corners, reduce the security hidden danger from the source. In particular, for photovoltaic inverter products, which are important roles in photovoltaic power stations, it is necessary to consider carefully that the products of inferior inverters should not be selected as cheap ones. And we learned from guerrero watt's technical staff, soon after the launch of guerrero watt Growatt 8-11 ktl3 -s photovoltaic inverter series products, the whole machine reaches IP65 protection grade, natural cooling, completely fanless design, can adapt to the bad application environment, filling and sealing machine large radiator and inductance integration patent technology, photovoltaic inverter can ensure long-term security in life cycle, reliable, stable operation, can be used as a modern photovoltaic (pv) power inverter product of choice.

Of course, in the photovoltaic market, quality and safety are not negotiable. The standard installation of pv inverter products has a great impact on the overall income of the power station, and the professional photovoltaic installation technicians are still very reliable and trustworthy. However, the photovoltaic power station is not built on the Internet. It requires not only operation and maintenance, but also after-sales service support. Because the photovoltaic power station is in the process of operation, faults occur frequently, and for users who lack professional technology, they need professional technical guidance for troubleshooting and repair.

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