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Eastsun Power:baoying person's own pv enterprise.

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Eastsun Power Jiangsu Co.,Ltd  is a leading solar photovoltaic enterprises in jiangsu, as a professional production manufacturer of solar module and inverter, although power focus on small and medium-sized power group string type inverter and more than 260 watts of power components. With solid technical reserves and strong production capacity, we provide customers with high quality photovoltaic products, with high conversion efficiency solar photovoltaic (pv) system users better more help resources, expand the distributed generation system capacity, thus the improvement of steady income for the customer. In addition, the company is particularly committed to the development of 3 kw and 5 kw small distributed generation system projects. As of now, solar products, solutions and technical services have been provided for ground power stations, commercial and civilian customers in many parts of the country.


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